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About Greg


My first settler family was granted this land in 1907, and we’ve farmed it ever since. We bought the block your chalet stands on in around 1940. Building Stirling Estate Chalets has been a heart project of mine for decades. The site is perfect, and finally, the time was right.

After 35 years of growing everything from beef to barley and broccolini, I’ve stopped full-time farming to host adventure holidays. I’m also learning the art of malting to support local breweries and distilleries.

I still raise 70 cows and 70 sheep, just to keep my hand in. You can meet some of them during your stay.

Top takeaway

Besides being a riverside retreat and an awesome adventure holiday place, we’re also a working farm. Treat yourself to a high adrenalin buggy ride. Feed our lambs and calves in autumn. We’ve been locals here for over a century, and we’re delighted to share the things we love about rural, riverside life.


Lateral thinker

Like most farmers, I’m hardwired to look for inventive solutions.

When I saw earthquake devasted Christchurch’s shops and cafés built from sea containers, I  saw my ideal chalet building blocks. 

Here was a green, cost-effective way to make spacious, comfortable holiday accommodation. So that’s what I did.

Top takeaway

Your off-grid, wheelchair accessible chalet is built from six 40ft containers. We’ve transformed thirty hefty industrial boxes into airy, interesting, passive solar-powered places for rest and recreation.



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Wheelchair traveller

I’ve been in a wheelchair since 1993. A farming accident put me here.

I was a traveller before my accident, and I still am. My partner and I and our son return regularly to her native Japan for the ski season. When we’re not here caring for the farm and our guests, you’ll find us off the beaten track in some remote corner of the planet. 

Top takeaway

Wheelchair users, I know what works for intrepid, curious travellers like me. So, I built your chalet to give you the kind of excellent adventure holiday experiences my family enjoys. Stay with us, and we’ll give you the warmest of welcomes. 


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